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Just Found An Incredible Tool Called Traffic Travis

Posted On Saturday, May 5, 2012

It’s a funny sounding name, but this piece of software is MAJOR!  I spent a few hours looking for a SEO tool I could run directly from my trusty laptop.  I’ve tried tools like SEOMOZ but the service itself is pricey and the product is a complete overkill to what I really need.  That’s where Traffic Travis has come in.  I just installed the free version of the software and it looks promissing.  Please keep in mind this isn’t a formal review of any nature. :)

I am just excited that I found something that looks like it works.  I was actually looking into buying Market Samaurai but I read up on a number of reviews and forum posts that the support for the product is poor and the software itself is extremely buggy.  I can’t wait to really give TrafficTravis a spin.  I’ll make sure to post a couple blog entries about the software, once I have had the chance to really test it.

Now go back to sleep, let me be the one that works at 2:08AM in the morning on a Saturday!


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