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Posted On Saturday, April 21, 2012

As most of you know I have been focusing my attention on my new blog.  This new blog would be considered a little more professional then this one.  Think of as a way of having a little fun when things get boring during my daily domain investing activities.  The site still remains a PR4 and I haven’t even blogged on it since December.  I had the blog removed from both of the main domaining aggregation feeds, because I felt there were a few individuals out there getting the wrong impression.

Now that I am off these feeds, it is time to get back to having a little fun!  You can expect me to blog more frequently on this site, but if you are sensitive to some of the material that you have read here in the past or your sense of humor for some reason just doesn’t click with my writing style, feel free to ignore the site.  This site is in no way representative of me as a domaining professional and those that I conduct business with.  I am not a PIMP and have never wanted to be one.

With that said, I will be actively using this site to flip names and write about the topics that I deem important as a domain investor.  Thanks for all of the support over the years!  I am glad that many of you appreciate a witty blog entry.  If anyone is interested in exchanging links, feel free to email me at info[a] I am welcoming any and all of you who need a little PR4 boost, to exchange links with me on this site as long as your site pertains to the domaining industry.

I want to thank my girlfriend for lighting a fire under me to start blogging again on this site.  She and my Dad both love the site.  I also want to thank a few domain investors, who will remain nameless for always believing in  You’d be amazed of the controversy that this site stirred up since its inception.  As my girlfriend would put it, that’s a good thing!  She is definitely spot on with that one!

Make sure to get away from the computer this weekend!  Yes, there is money to be made but can’t you make that on Monday.  Have a great weekend everybody!

PS: I’ve been listening to this song on repeat. See if you can guess who is talking at the beginning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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