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A Few Reflections On Business And Passion

Posted On Thursday, August 22, 2013

If there is one thing that I learned over the years, passion is something which is innately in a person. It is derived from partaking in activities, which you could see yourself doing regardless of whether you are getting paid or not to do it. Passion is also being able to recognize that same energy in others.

Really stop and ask yourself whether you jumped onto the bandwagon of the next semi-decent idea or if you really decided to spark something which truly matters in your life. I have too many friends which simply jump to the next idea, simply because of the potential to make money from it. This is not passion and it shows. This is one of the reasons why I have had to distance myself from a few of these people, because there lack of passion does the exact opposite of what it should do.

There is nothing infectious about someone who is chasing money, nor is there anything infectious about someone who has continually done what others have told them to do. These are lost business minds, which simply don’t get it. Breaking out of the box is simple and you can do it by halting all of the money trains. Money should never be the motivator, there should always be a plan which surpasses the green dollar.

From now on I am only working on ideas and businesses which I am passionate about. On top of that I am only going to work with and surround myself with people who have the same drive and passion for that certain idea. There is something infectious about being driven. Don’t just hop into a company because it sounds good, really determine what you enjoy doing and feel great about it. Start something that will make an impact not only on your life, but those that are around you.

Be that spark for everyone in your community. Passion has no limitations, but never comes in the form of a material object. What’s your passion? :)


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