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Title Tweet Great Domain, Terrible Scam

Posted On Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I thought I heard it all here on the wonderful Internet, but a few days ago I experienced something new.  Apparently there are people that still fall for the same old scams which have been covered on the main stream news stations.  The scam I am speaking about is Cash Gifting and the person behind this perculiar operation goes by the name Q.  Now don’t get me wrong, he is not responsible for the “cash gifting” idea, as it has actually been around since the 80s.  He is responsible for using unique marketing techniques which are edgy and in your face.

At the end of this blog entry I will include some of the videos he uses to entice perspective members into joining this virtual pyramid scheme.  The idea of cash gifting has to do with joining a program like Q’s and sending cash in a box people which have joined the program before you.  There is also an administration fee for being in the program and according to websites I conducted research on, proceeds from every fifth user goes directly to Q!  Now get this!  This will really get your stomach churning.  It costs $6,000 to start.

Now lets get on to my main point, the main domain name which is being used for this scam is and it has sleazy written all over it.  Apparently Q is operating in another country and likes to tell people he is helping them during these tough times.  Programs like this have existed since the 80s, but they tend to flourish during bad economic times.  What I can’t seem to understand is how someone operating under the alias of Q is capable of getting people to fork over cash.  Who in there right mind would believe a person that they can’t see and entrust them with several thousand dollars worth of cash.

I just don’t get it and if I ever get a chance to meet this guy I will make sure he gets slapped with the left hand. ;-)   And you thought that Hank Alvarez was bad, wait till you get a load of this guy!  I’m going to let the videos do the talking.  Now I just need to know how this postcard arrived on my stair case!  That means someone in my neighborhood probably fell for this program.  I truly do feel sorry for those who are desperate enough to join programs of this nature.

If you want a good laugh call (800)320-5645 and input extension 9715.  This recorded message is about as funny as it gets.  Listen to Q as he pitches on why you should join his scam!  This scam artist has no limits and maybe one of these days justice will be served and he too will be forced to make friends behind bars.  Something tells me that he won’t be caught anytime soon as he covers his tracks pretty well.  Scum like this should have to face serious jail time stealing for hard working people.

I wrote this entry to spread the awareness of such a scam, if you or anyone you know has been effected by this particular scam artist please report it to your local authorities.  Although nothing may be done anytime soon at least you can help save another person from being taken advantage of.  I leave you with some videos:

6 Comments so far
  1. Comment by PPC Ian

    May 20, 2010 12:20 pm

    It’s really too bad stuff like this exists!


    RUSS Reply:

    it works for the people who work it dumbass, youre just too closed minded to understand the truth about what the program is really about..haha you are missing out! cash to my door is great and on top of that everything you learn with Q’s material is priceless and a good bullet proof blueprint for success in anything. but reading the hate from people like you is just entertaining, so thanks for the laugh bahahaaahahaaahhhhaaaa


  2. Comment by chris

    February 7, 2011 8:57 am

    hmm, why hasnt the ftc shut down this guy after 10 years…….. also, why would godaddy or any other hosting allow him to keep his domain and operate if he were a scam?

    why are people making a ton of money with his program? (and yes, they are, i know of 3 in it, and am getting in myself and they are friends of mine, im in one now, but this ones plan pays better so im switching after being in the other 1 year)

    i just dont know, to me, you sound like a hater, also it is not illegal, if it is, i want you to post the law stating it is not, if it is done in the “proper manner”, which is very important, it is absolutely “not” illegal, i know this for fact

    also, why hasnt the phone companies, post office investigators, etc etc, shut down any and all mailings for this program, phone 800 numbers etc etc, in all of 10 years……….

    just doenst make sense, yes, you may not AGREE, with the program, but that does not make it illegal, no more than i do not agree with walmart purchasing so much from china, but yet they do, and yet so far they have the legal right to


  3. Comment by Harold Defreeze

    January 30, 2012 10:02 am

    Ok first off……try the program before you start throwing salt on something you know nothing about. I joined Q on the red level on October of 2011 which at this level is $2400 to join. Why? Because I know money and real opportunity when I see it. After the first 3 weeks this so called “scam” as you call it…raked me in over $13,000 cash overnight fedex!! I’m getting your yearly salary a week. This is real folks, it’s no fuckin joke!! So before you bash someone who’s helping thousands of people become financial free, do some real research. That’s why your broke because you suddenly call it a scam just because he’s asking for that amount of money. Get a life dude, the same energy you’ve taken to bash someone you know nothing about can be used for making some money….broke ass hater!!


  4. Comment by DNP Admin

    May 5, 2012 2:14 am

    Harold / Scam Artist,

    I see you are trying to defend a program that you were probably involved in creating. This program is a scam and you are taking advantage of innocent people. It’s a known fact that programs like this pop up, because of the mere notion that people are struggling financially. This is a scam and you can’t defend it. I hope I continue to rank for this program being a scam to expose all of you. Like they say Karma is a bitch and you have plenty coming your way. Did I say Bitch? Bitch :D


    DNP Admin Reply:

    Here are some links to go with this update: / Ecosov / the cash gifting expert – False Advertising for $6,200.00 on 11/10/2011—Ecosov—the-cash-gifting-expert-False-Advertising-for-6200.00-on-11-10-2011

    Need I say more? If you are visiting this site to find out if is a scam. Here is your answer: YES!


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