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How’s Your Forum Game?

Posted On Saturday, October 20, 2012

I’ll admit, my forum game is pretty weak these days.  That’s about to change starting today.  I miss participating in forums like NamePros. I’ve had the opportunity of conducting business on the site and learned a great deal of information just by scanning the threads.  The domaining industry is an interesting one and in some ways it is quite fragmented.  Fortunately with several popular domain forums out there we are able to communicate to one another and talk about the topic we love the most!

The problems with domaining forums is it is easy to get lost.  There are countless distractions which completely derail you from your ultimate plan, so in my opinion it is important to treat your time on forums as you would treat anything else in your domaining business.  With that said make sure you have a plan before you start spending (wasting) your time on domain forums.  This will help you not only achieve your goals, but it will also give you an opportunity to save a bit of time.  Here is my plan these days for domaining forums:

  • Interact with others within the domaining circle and add to my network of domaining associates.
  • Sell a few domains that I really couldn’t see myself doing anything with for the sake of recovering a reg fee or two.
  • Learning from the masses.
  • Promoting a few of the websites that I run, including a few of the blogs I own.
  • Generating a bit of revenue off of banner ads and link sales.

Well there you have it!  These are the main reasons why I am revisiting NamePros and several of the other domaining forums out there.   Hopefully my high level description can help you create your own plan if you don’t have one yourself.  Now get off of the computer and have a little fun this weekend!  I’m off to Hollywood to start the night off right and end it in good hands. ;-)


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