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Posted On Thursday, November 17, 2011

According to the mainstream media the owners of the domain name unknowingly had there domain name diverted to a porn site. They were notified by one of there customers about this situation.

The company’s marketing director stated he registered the domain name through GoDaddy in 2009. He also went on to explain that the domain name bill was paid up until 2012., the news outlet which covered this story first said that GoDaddy provided a letter stating that Affordable Heating and Air didn’t complete the required steps, so the domain name registration never actually happened.

Apparently two weeks ago a third party ended up securing the domain name.  GoDaddy tried to offer Affordable Heating and Air a refund but they complained about how they didn’t ask for a refund.  They just wanted there old site up and running the way it looked before the new owners acquired the name.

So what exactly happened here, since I wasn’t involved in this transaction or occurrence I can only speculate.  According to Affordable Heating and Air did in fact have a website on this domain name.  You can see the website using this link. crawled this site around February 7, 2011 but there aren’t anymore references for it since then.

For curiosity sake I used my account to look up the whois history for the cache date of October 27, 2011.  What did I find?  I found out that Affordable Heating & Air let this domain name expire on September 23, 2011.  Over a month had gone by and it still included the owners whois information:

Affordaable Heating & Air

Created on: 23-Sep-08
Expires on: 23-Sep-11
Last Updated on: 23-Sep-10

The next cache date I was presented with was November 6, 2011.  It displayed the new owners information.  This is the case of the company’s marketing director not taking care of what he was supposed to take care of.  The whois information doesn’t lie, unless someone stole the domain name which I highly doubt.  The marketing director of the company thought he regged the name until 2012 but that obviously wasn’t the case.

This case includes a group of people that complained to the media that they were victims.  The media in this case being decided to write about the story because a big name registry called GoDaddy is involved.  All of this could of been prevented if the marketing director of the company, the person who was responsible for taking care of this domain registration and/or renewal would of just done there job.  This whole event didn’t need to be covered by the mainstream media and KCRA should research the facts before they cover any future stories similar to this.

As domainers, we all know that this name was probably picked up off of a drop.  I am sure the new owner registered this name simply because it received a healthy amount of traffic and they wanted to divert that traffic to none other than a porn site.  Regardless of how you feel about porn or the fact that a company’s old domain name is being used to traffic visitors to a porn site.  You have to admit that this story is a bit bias and it could be considered another case where mainstream media instills fear into the public about the domain industry.

The real problem is why decided to only give half of the story.  They even covered this in a video news segment.  You can view the entire KCRA article and video news segment here.  You be the judge! :)


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