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For Those Of You Domainers That Are Gamers Modern Warfare 3 Comes Out At Midnight

Posted On Monday, November 7, 2011

MW3I am a domainer gamer and was happy to hear that Modern Warfare 3 is coming out at midnight.  On the east coast there are long lines at Game Stop.  Here on the west coast we are being told that Game Stop will close at there normal hours tonight then reopen at 10:00 pm in anticipation of the crowd which will start to gather outside.  If I decide to drive down to my local Game Stop at the Howard Hughes center, I’m sure I will have to get there early.  This release is practically the biggest video game release of the year.

For those of you that don’t know, Modern Warfare 2 generated more than $1 billion dollars in sales.  Industry insiders are expecting that Modern Warfare 3 will do the same thing.  Best of all, the title was developed right here in sunny California.  We have some of the best developers on this coast, now if they are actually from here is another question!

It is safe to say that is owned by the right people!  As for, that is another story.  Whoever owns might make out like a bandit if they decide to put up a domain sales page with the appropriate contact information.  Unfortunately the domain name is displaying a generic 403 forbidden page.  I really do hope the owner of the domain name decides to wake up and realizes that he or she just might be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Lets see a company which generated more than a billion dollars in sales on Modern Warfare 2 could probably scramble up a little change for but as we all know sometimes opportunities tend to pass a few domain owners by.  If I decide to drive down to my local Game Stop tonight I’ll make sure to take a few pictures to share with everyone.


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