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Flippa Auction For Ends In Around 2 Hours

Posted On Thursday, November 15, 2012

An auction for one of my Amazon affiliate sites ends in about 2 hours.  To be exact there are two hours and twelve minutes left in the auction.  The auction has had 5 bids from two different people.  There are a total of 4 users watching the auction.  The domain is a premium domain name which refers to a type of espresso which is decaffeinated.  The domain is a PR1 and has been registered for 3 years.

I am selling this domain to free up a bit of time and capital.  I want to focus my efforts on three projects as opposed to 20+.  Some of these smaller sites require you to build backlinks and really hone in on SEO to make them the big sites that they can become.  This is the perfect opportunity for someone who does have the time to work on such a site to purchase a premium domain + site for a great price.

As a forewarning, normally these auctions tend to pop towards the end.  I’m not sure how high this auction will go but I am confident that you might be able to get the site for a great deal.  Happy bidding!


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