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Domainer Motivation – I Don’t Care What Level Of Domainer You Are. Don’t Give Up!

Posted On Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I have not blogged nearly enough here on DNPIMPING.COM but with a new sponsor I feel it is only right to start adding original content to the site again. I’ve been busy with my other blog and projects but my heart is still with DNPIMPING! This site helped me meet a great deal of people, some which are my close friends and will be for time to come. With that said I want to announce a new series here on my blog called Domainer Motivation.

I’ve always viewed myself as a bit of a life coach and noticed that a lot of domain investors are not necessarily happy with the way things are going lately. The truth is domain investing isn’t really what it used to be. I can be honest in saying this because it has effected me as well. Joining this industry at this time to solely make a living off of buying and selling domain names isn’t a good plan, nor is it realistic but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

That brings me to today’s topic: I don’t care what level of domainer you are. Don’t give up!

DO NOT GIVE UP! As with anything domain investing is not easy. Domainers are not automatically granted respect in the marketplace and I’ve seen way too many of you invest your savings into domain names to be left with an extremely bad taste in your mouth. The sooner you accept the truth about your domain names, the better off you will be. Your domains are probably now worth the amount of money you think they are. I can almost guarantee it.

With that in mind, you need to really take a step back and hash out a plan for yourself. Can you see yourself flipping any of the names within the next couple of weeks for 50% less that you originally had planned for? Are you willing to take a loss on some of those names and pool that money together to focus on one domain name or project? These are a few questions you need to ask yourself and if the answer is yes, then you are a true domain investor. You understand that things aren’t always going to go well and you aren’t going to act like you are sitting on the most precious assets the world has ever seen.

After you shed a few pounds on your portfolio, zone in on a few of those names and really determine which ones have enormous brand pontential. Choose two of those names and forget about the rest for a while. In this day and age domaining is more than just flipping a name to the highest bidder, it is unlocking the potential of a domain name by investing some blood, sweat and tears into it. These two domains need to become your babies and you need to raise them as if you gave birth to them. :-)

Stay focused on these names and DO NOT GIVE UP! No one became rich over night, regardless of what you read in the past about this industry. For me I am now involved in two startups which are happily sitting on the .com extension. My team and I just won third place at Startup Weekend USC and are now pushing forward to turn the idea we created into a reality. So what does this have to do with domaining? It has a lot to do with domaining, because the sooner you realize that the industry has changed and adapt a business model to see past the limitations of domain investing the happier you will be.

Domainers are becoming more than investors, we are developing brands, starting companies and really changing the Internet marketplace. Owning a good domain may grant you the right to selling it for a few thousand dollars, but creating a viable business on a few of those domains will unlock a world of potential for you. Follow the lead of some of us who are starting businesses and lets create the Domaining 3.0 industry!

2 Comments so far
  1. Comment by Carlos Martins

    October 5, 2012 11:31 am

    Usually domainers as other investors do not invest except if they see the opportunities to sell something. I donĀ“t meant the big ones (corporations and their servants and body guards, some brokers that work for them with largest sums of money to buy new model cars and swimming pool vivendas).
    It is true that domainers have that role of (as you said) “developing brands, starting companies and really changing the Internet marketplace.” but this is only a partial true as those that do it are the big ones, not the smallest. The smallest domain business organizations are struggling with tremendous difficulties (even for survival) and worse than this they are completely ignored by the others (Shillings, Sedo and Co.). I said “ignored”? They are blocked. Do you need a prove of this? Try to subscribe two-words domains on their sites? They sell pigeon shit by thousands!
    Sorry my english that it is not perfect as your portuguese.


    DNP Admin Reply:

    I completely understand what you are saying Carlos. Some of what you have said I have experienced head on. Unfortunately big bank does take little bank in this industry, but littler domain investors can also choose to concentrate their efforts on honing in on specific niches and really locking that segment up. I for one am not a major domain investor. I don’t even really register many .com domains these days. I have spotted a huge opportunity within the .me space and have been slowly buying up several keyword .me domains that I deem as being reasonable.

    Everyone has their own strategy and yes the “big dogs” can sell pigeon shit and get away with it, but then again the buyer is the one who is throwing up the money to make it happen. Every big company in the domaining space started off somewhere, just as every domain investor started off somewhere. One thing that I have learned over the years of working for myself is that you should do your best not to give up because it truly does pay off in the end!

    Thanks for the comment!


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