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Are You Cut Out To Be A Domainer?

Posted On Monday, August 5, 2013

Domain investing is no easy feat and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as something that the average investor should do. The truth is that many of us refuse to admit that we may not be making the type of money that people think. Some of us are more concerned about the outward appeal of being able to flip a domain name quickly and moving right to the next one.

The big companies like aren’t playing on the same field as an average investor. They deal in mass flipping, which requires an infrastructure and a large amount of cash to play. As a solo-investor we don’t have the luxury to even think about competing with them. It’s all great in theory, but there aren’t too many folks out there who will even come close to this type of success. This post is being written to take everyone who is floating on cloud 9 off of it. I want to bring you back down to reality for a second and really assess what is going on here.

Domaining has become a hype play, one which will make money for a few people. This doesn’t necessarily make it a good investment. I attended the last T.R.A.F.F.I.C and I can honestly say that the majority of people there were worried about where the industry was headed next. It got so bad and monotonous that I decided to take a break from the conference to really ponder on what I had just witnessed. As much as I love to meet up with folks, conferences are overrated in our industry. You don’t need to attend any conferences to be successful.

In my opinion you are better off attending local meetups dedicated to domaining and affiliate marketing. At least there you have a group of individuals who tend to want to share information about the successes that they have achieved. Regardless of how you look at it the domaining industry is run by a small circle of people who lay out enticing traps to try and make you think you can achieve the type of success they have achieved. The truth is they recognized the potential of this trade early on and own a huge percentage of the generic terms out there.

They can unleash these generic terms whenever they want, adding to the wealth that they have already accumulated. Anyhow, I am done with my rant. I just wanted to put things into perspective here. Now get back to setting achievable goals for yourself and end all of the unrealistic dreams. ;-)


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