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A Great Email Straight And To The Point

Posted On Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another random email hit my inbox about 17 hours ago.  So what’s the difference between an email which looks like spam and one which catches my attention?  That’s exactly the question I asked myself after looking at the following email:


We would like to let you know that the website is being put up for sale.

We thought that either you or someone you know may be interested in acquiring the site.

The last day of the sale will be Thursday, May 5 (5/5/11). You can find all the details here:


Joe Foley

The email is simple, straight to the point and sparks my interest.  Within seconds of reading the email I found myself clicking on the link.  This link leads to a for sale page positioned on the website that is for sale.  You then have the option to click on another link which directly leads to the flippa auction or you can wait 7 seconds and the page forwards you directly to the action.

When I checked a few minutes ago the highest bid for the flippa auction was $2,233.  Normally I tend to ignore these types of emails, but this email passed my flag as spam test.  Yes, good spam does exist especially when you research your target market and a decent product or service is involved.

Here is a screen capture of the for sale page, just in case the page is taken down after the flippa auction is over:

Hurricane Center

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