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A Few Reflections On Business And Passion

Posted On Thursday, August 22, 2013

If there is one thing that I learned over the years, passion is something which is innately in a person. It is derived from partaking in activities, which you could see yourself doing regardless of whether you are getting paid or not to do it. Passion is also being able to recognize that same energy in others.

Really stop and ask yourself whether you jumped onto the bandwagon of the next semi-decent idea or if you really decided to spark something which truly matters in your life. I have too many friends which simply jump to the next idea, simply because of the potential to make money from it. This is not passion and it shows. This is one of the reasons why I have had to distance myself from a few of these people, because there lack of passion does the exact opposite of what it should do.

There is nothing infectious about someone who is chasing money, nor is there anything infectious about someone who has continually done what others have told them to do. These are lost business minds, which simply don’t get it. Breaking out of the box is simple and you can do it by halting all of the money trains. Money should never be the motivator, there should always be a plan which surpasses the green dollar.

From now on I am only working on ideas and businesses which I am passionate about. On top of that I am only going to work with and surround myself with people who have the same drive and passion for that certain idea. There is something infectious about being driven. Don’t just hop into a company because it sounds good, really determine what you enjoy doing and feel great about it. Start something that will make an impact not only on your life, but those that are around you.

Be that spark for everyone in your community. Passion has no limitations, but never comes in the form of a material object. What’s your passion? :)

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Are You Cut Out To Be A Domainer?

Posted On Monday, August 5, 2013

Domain investing is no easy feat and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as something that the average investor should do. The truth is that many of us refuse to admit that we may not be making the type of money that people think. Some of us are more concerned about the outward appeal of being able to flip a domain name quickly and moving right to the next one.

The big companies like aren’t playing on the same field as an average investor. They deal in mass flipping, which requires an infrastructure and a large amount of cash to play. As a solo-investor we don’t have the luxury to even think about competing with them. It’s all great in theory, but there aren’t too many folks out there who will even come close to this type of success. This post is being written to take everyone who is floating on cloud 9 off of it. I want to bring you back down to reality for a second and really assess what is going on here.

Domaining has become a hype play, one which will make money for a few people. This doesn’t necessarily make it a good investment. I attended the last T.R.A.F.F.I.C and I can honestly say that the majority of people there were worried about where the industry was headed next. It got so bad and monotonous that I decided to take a break from the conference to really ponder on what I had just witnessed. As much as I love to meet up with folks, conferences are overrated in our industry. You don’t need to attend any conferences to be successful.

In my opinion you are better off attending local meetups dedicated to domaining and affiliate marketing. At least there you have a group of individuals who tend to want to share information about the successes that they have achieved. Regardless of how you look at it the domaining industry is run by a small circle of people who lay out enticing traps to try and make you think you can achieve the type of success they have achieved. The truth is they recognized the potential of this trade early on and own a huge percentage of the generic terms out there.

They can unleash these generic terms whenever they want, adding to the wealth that they have already accumulated. Anyhow, I am done with my rant. I just wanted to put things into perspective here. Now get back to setting achievable goals for yourself and end all of the unrealistic dreams. ;-)

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More Speculation, More Risk – Why You Should Be Careful Of Investing In New Domain Extensions

Posted On Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This domain entry isn’t geared at established domain investors. I am writing this to detour a few of the new investors from making one of the biggest mistakes they could possibly make by increasing risk in what already is one of the most speculative investments available. It’s a fact that the majority of the new extensions will not catch on. The relaunch of the .pw ccTLD is a perfect example. There is little to no investment value in the (private web).

With that said it is important to be extremely picky about where you place your money. Why burn through cash, which could be saved to buy a great domain in an already established extension. An extension, which has a proven track record when it comes down to returning profits for those that have chosen to invest in it. Yes, I am talking about the .com extension. If you are wondering why you are not making the type of returns you would like or wondering how to get started in domain investing with a small budget, then the .com extension is for you.

Don’t let the glitz of a shiny new extension blind you from the real opportunities. The real opportunities to make money in this game are in the .com arena. If you aren’t ready to pay to play, then you might need to rethink your strategy. The best domains are going to take time to find and money to buy. The good thing is these opportunities are still out there. The “domaining industry” is similar to the stock market, because it tends to run in cycles. There will always be those that are liquidating domains to float themselves through tough times and those that are buying names when everyone else is doing the opposite.

The key is to make sure your money is invested in the right assets. Just like you wouldn’t invest in every name out there, you shouldn’t be investing in every extension out there. Not every extension is going to work for an end-user. In the end you should always be thinking about who your prospective buyer might be. If an end-user can’t identify with a particular domain extension, then why would you buy into that extension as a domain investor?

Doing such a thing will equip you for failure. As a new domain investor it is important to give yourself a chance. You are up against some of the fiercest competition out there. Everyone wants names which they can liquidate fast or hold onto for increased investment value. In the end it is all about making money. Don’t buy into the hype, buy into something which has proven itself time and time again. If I were just entering this space, the first thing I would do is hop onto some of the major aftermarket sites and study the type of names which are dropping and the names which investors are buying off of the drops.

It is all about patterns and trends. The trends which tend to repeat themselves are that of premium domain names. The one pattern that you will notice about premium domains are the mere fact that they increase in value over time. You can also count on the fact that more people identify with premium (.com) names then any other type of domain investment out there. To sum it up, if you speculate more, you are increasing your risk and if you are new to domain investing you would to decrease speculation and invest in a proven extension.

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Cleaning Up A Few Ads Here On The Blog

Posted On Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I want to thank all of the advertisers I have had here on the blog over the years. Now that we are well into 2013 I feel it is important to clean up the blog a bit. I also want to announce that there are plenty of premium spots here to advertise if you are interested. The blog itself receives a steady amount of traffic and is a PR3. If you are interested in advertising feel free to contact me!

To those of you who would like to renew your advertising subscription with me, feel free to let me know. I will be removing any old ads off of the site after this post.

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The Marketing For The .CO Extension Is Amazing!

Posted On Thursday, January 3, 2013

I’ll be the first to admit that I only own a handful of .co domain names. I haven’t been a big investor in the .co extension, but I am starting to rethink whether or not I might of underrated them. The marketing efforts put into place by the .co registry have been so profound that I am now reconsidering my investment strategy.

.CO has become a great alternative to .com and it has everything to do with the way it has branded itself. End-users are now convinced that .CO can represent their company as being a solid alternative to .com. As a domain investor I would have to agree. I’ve been watching auctions on Flippa lately and there is one auction which really made me realize the true potential behind the .co extension. The auction is for

The person selling the domain has sold around $13,800 worth of domain names on the site. Although hasn’t reached the reserve that benben has set for the auction it is at $303 and that is something to really think about. According to the auction the domain was initially registered on July 20, 2010 which isn’t considered to be aged by any means. So what does this tell us?

This tells us that people are bidding on the name purely for the branding potential. Although, would be the best name, I could see why someone would end up going after In the end it just makes sense. The .CO which is being branded as the extension for startups and companies has done an amazing job. These days I try to focus on .com investing, but I have dabbled (fun fact I own in .net, .org, .us, .me, .info and now I might see myself dabbling more with the .co extension.

As a fair warning if you are going to invest in extensions other than the .com extension then please realize it is an extremely speculative play. Just like with any investment there is risk involved and the yearly registration fees add to this risk. Make sure you do your due diligence and really study a niche you feel can be profitable for you. As always, think about what you can do if the name doesn’t sell.

Maybe one of these days DNPIMPING.COM will get its twin DNPIMPING.CO. ;-)

Oh yah, Happy New Year!

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Flippa Auction For Ends In 6 Hours

Posted On Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another auction for one of my Amazon Affiliate sites ends in about 6 hours.  At this time there are no bids on this auction, but there are two people watching the listing.  I am sure there will be some last minute bids which end up coming in.  The minimum bid for the auction is set at $49.  This is an absolute steal!  The domain alone is worth more than $49, not to mention the domain is also a PR1 and the site has had sales in the past.

To learn more about this auction or to place a bid feel free to visit the following link: Flippa Auction

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Flippa Auction For Ends In Around 2 Hours

Posted On Thursday, November 15, 2012

An auction for one of my Amazon affiliate sites ends in about 2 hours.  To be exact there are two hours and twelve minutes left in the auction.  The auction has had 5 bids from two different people.  There are a total of 4 users watching the auction.  The domain is a premium domain name which refers to a type of espresso which is decaffeinated.  The domain is a PR1 and has been registered for 3 years.

I am selling this domain to free up a bit of time and capital.  I want to focus my efforts on three projects as opposed to 20+.  Some of these smaller sites require you to build backlinks and really hone in on SEO to make them the big sites that they can become.  This is the perfect opportunity for someone who does have the time to work on such a site to purchase a premium domain + site for a great price.

As a forewarning, normally these auctions tend to pop towards the end.  I’m not sure how high this auction will go but I am confident that you might be able to get the site for a great deal.  Happy bidding!

Title Tweet Auction Is Coming To An End On Flippa

Posted On Friday, November 2, 2012

Excuse the shameless promotion but I am very happy about a dictionary domain / minisite I posted on Flippa about a month ago. As the auction I posted comes to an end the top bid for the domain and site is $125. The site itself is one that has made a few dollars here and there, but the powerful combination is what has these bidders competing for the name. I’ve had trouble monetizing the name past just Google Adsense but the traffic built up organically and now the site is indexed for several terms in Google.

All the traffic that the site currently receives has been organic. I’m writing this entry to let you guys know that sometimes if you feel you are having trouble monetizing a specific asset whether it be a domain name or a website. Then you should really think about parting ways. As I venture into the startup space I will be liquidating some of the minisites that I currently own. Flippa is a great outlet to do this because you have serious bidders which understand the potential of a strong keyword name and minisite. Some of these individuals have the time to focus in on what you might not of had time to focus on to create the resource you all envisioned on the property you are selling.

I’ve always envisioned being a helpful science resource for the visitors of the site. The content I had written for the site is helpful, but if I had installed a forum offering science assistance or homework help I probably could of taken the project much further than it is now. Unfortunately I’d rather place this site into the hands of someone who will give it the attention that it needs. My focus is on my startup and registering strong domain names, between the two of those segments I don’t really have time for much else.

For those of you who are interested is a PR3 site and it is on sale at Flippa with only a few hours to go. Feel free to bid on the auction and good luck to whoever the new winner for the site is. is For Sale on Flippa!

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How’s Your Forum Game?

Posted On Saturday, October 20, 2012

I’ll admit, my forum game is pretty weak these days.  That’s about to change starting today.  I miss participating in forums like NamePros. I’ve had the opportunity of conducting business on the site and learned a great deal of information just by scanning the threads.  The domaining industry is an interesting one and in some ways it is quite fragmented.  Fortunately with several popular domain forums out there we are able to communicate to one another and talk about the topic we love the most!

The problems with domaining forums is it is easy to get lost.  There are countless distractions which completely derail you from your ultimate plan, so in my opinion it is important to treat your time on forums as you would treat anything else in your domaining business.  With that said make sure you have a plan before you start spending (wasting) your time on domain forums.  This will help you not only achieve your goals, but it will also give you an opportunity to save a bit of time.  Here is my plan these days for domaining forums:

  • Interact with others within the domaining circle and add to my network of domaining associates.
  • Sell a few domains that I really couldn’t see myself doing anything with for the sake of recovering a reg fee or two.
  • Learning from the masses.
  • Promoting a few of the websites that I run, including a few of the blogs I own.
  • Generating a bit of revenue off of banner ads and link sales.

Well there you have it!  These are the main reasons why I am revisiting NamePros and several of the other domaining forums out there.   Hopefully my high level description can help you create your own plan if you don’t have one yourself.  Now get off of the computer and have a little fun this weekend!  I’m off to Hollywood to start the night off right and end it in good hands. ;-)

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The Politics Of Making A Quick Buck Off Of A Domain Name Big Bird Fired .com

Posted On Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If you are like me you probably watched the debates which occurred a little earlier tonight.  Regardless of what you thought about them there is one thing that stood out and that was the comment about Romney cutting PBS funding if he were to become President.  While stating this he mentioned that he liked Big Bird but what do what he had to do to help reduce the country’s debt.

One it is ludicrous to even think about cutting PBS funding, but that’s not what I am writing this blog entry about.  I am writing this blog entry about a person named Frank Montoya who felt it was a good idea to register As most of us know doing something like this is a great way to wake up with a UDRP being served to you.  Frank is obviously trying to make a quick buck here and probably was mislead to believe that this was the way to do it.

Unfortunately this isn’t the way to do it. This makes the domain investment world look bad when people like Frank hop onto the bandwagon thinking they will be rich over night by registering a name which infringes on a trademark / copyright. At the moment Frank has put up a link which says contact us probably hoping to sell the domain name before he gets into any trouble with trademark infringement. It will be interesting to see what happens, but if the powers that be wanted to go after him for this domain registration they would be right to do so.

Frank just a word of advice, you should of registered the next best thing. comes to mind.  That way you wouldn’t get in trouble for infringing on a trademark. :) Either way, maybe you will make a few bucks but just understand if you do end up getting lucky you will simply be passing the hot potato onto an unsuspecting investor.  Be very careful when doing this, because you can still be held liable for selling them something which sparks a UDRP or lawsuit.

Good luck with this domain registration…